Secure Tenures

Private renting is the least secure section of the housing sector. From our survey of private renters in Southwark, we found that many tenants felt that there living situation is precarious and they are unable feel settled in their homes and communities. We also found that requests for repairs or challenging rent increases had lead to the threat of eviction. Five per cent of respondents had experienced the sudden termination of their contract.

“Failure to respond to a request to renew a joint tenancy saw [my] co-tenant give up waiting and find another place. [I] was faced with two weeks to either find a replacement (which I couldn’t do) or get out.”

“I’ve had no heating for 4 months (and intermittent hot water) and when I have contacted the landlord I have been threatened with eviction.”

In this section, there is advice on evictions. Information on dealing with rent increases is here.

Ninety-six per cent of respondents wanted more secure tenancies/long term contracts. We found that four fifths of tenancies were a year or less, and a tenth were under six months.

“I don’t know where I’ll be living from one moment to next.”

“I don’t like how I could just be asked to move out.”

“[I would like] contracts so if you want to stay you can like in some European countries. Then you can start building a life.”


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