“It’s my landlord’s house, so they can do whatever they like.”

WRONG. It’s your landlord’s PROPERTY, but while you’re paying rent it is your HOME. You do not have to let the landlord into your home if you don’t want to, and you do not have to give them a key. The only time you have to let them in is when they need to do repairs, but they must arrange a time with you first, with at least 24 hours notice. They cannot just tell you they are coming; they have to ask, because it is your home. If they come in without your permission, it is trespassing.

Many people, both landlords and tenants, think that owning something means you can do whatever you want with it. But a home is so important to a person’s health and wellbeing that rules are there to stop landlords doing whatever they want. If you own a car, you cannot drive it in any way you want: you have to follow rules about how to drive it so that you don’t harm others. The same principle applies to homes. We at Digs think the rules need to be made stronger.


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